Windows 10 Black Screen

A fairly common situation – when you turn on the computer Windows does not boot and appears a black screen (not to be confused with the blue screen of death).

A single answer why there is black screen in Windows it is impossible to give, as reasons can be many – from the banal power-off (e.g. turned off the light), and You are unaware of this rage I press the power button of the computer until a more serious failure (breaks, faults) hardware and the problem with the PC hardware (power supply, processor, motherboard, monitor, etc.).

If you turn the computer on nothing happens – no noise of rotation of a cooler (fan), do not illuminate the indicator bulb, you decide to start, served, if power to the computer. Check the outlet (any household appliance), correct connection of all power and cable screen. Maybe just the wire is moved, it is recommended to disconnect and re-connect them correctly, it will not take much time.

If you have completed the above steps, but when you start the computer a black screen appears – it is safe to speak about a malfunction of PC hardware. If Your computer or laptop is still under warranty or You don’t understand “iron”, it is better to carry in the service center to specialists. Those who are not afraid to experiment can try to eliminate the cause of the black screen, if you’re lucky – you ‘ll save money on repairs.

To start completely unplug the computer, disconnect all cables and wires, remove the side and front panel (whichever the case). Start small – take a look at the launch button for the Power, maybe she’s just broken.

Examine computer hardware and wires for signs of mechanical damage and short circuit Nagar, carbon black, if necessary (if the PC is dusty) clean computer from dust. How to clean the computer by yourself at home can read in this article.

Don’t forget to check all the connectors that have a video card, RAM and cables. If you find damage, you can save some money and replace the hardware yourself or take them to the service.

The most common reasons of occurrence of a black screen on the PC, failure of monitor and graphics card. I like they “burned” five years after purchase and that is strange in a month – first “none” and a month “burned” monitor. Probably the term came up – worked for 5 years …)).

In these cases, the computer starts loading Windows (sound from speakers), but the monitor is blank. To check up easily – the monitor can connect to another computer, laptop or just to a wall outlet (if serviceable – displays NO SIGNAL). I just connected the TV to my computer (second monitor) – this image was.

To check the video card, this method is the same approach, if the problem is the graphics card on both displays (monitor, TV-monitor) the images will not.

Black screen and freezes the computer may appear if you incorrectly configure the BIOS.

There are cases of unresponsiveness of the computer with the display in the black screen. Might help mode “Load last known good configuration of operating parameters” or “Booting in safe mode” and restoring the Windows system if it is not switched off in order to save space on hard drives.

Program Black Screen Fix can be fixed some causes of black screen. So as you can reinstall the operating system if the black screen was caused by your software.

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