What Is Facebook Timeline?

I don’t want to jinx this but I’ve effectively avoided the Facebook Timeline switch over so far. I only log on once a week and whenever an application asks me for anything I immediately hit “no.” I don’t respond to friend requests or current friends’ messages. My Family Feud family probably misses me because the Facebook Timeline switch has held me hostage. The question that everybody probably has is “Why did Facebook Switch To Timeline?”

”Fire up the Delorean…I accidentally switched to Timeline”

What Is Facebook Timeline?

Before we can truly understand the switch to Timeline (never) we first must grasp our reality around just what it is (besides annoying.) It turns out Facebook Timeline was invented for our benefit. We’re supposed to have Facebook for the rest of our lives and the Facebook Timeline is a way to ‘tell the story of your life.’ The Timeline conveniently coordinates all of your yearly activity into easily selectable years on your Facebook Wall. In the future, if you want to remember that girl you were creeping on in the Summer of 2009, simply go to your wall and click on the year to see all your activity for those 365 days.

Benefits Of Facebook Timeline

Like death and taxes, I suppose that converting to Facebook Timeline is inevitable so we might as well discuss some of the positive aspects of the new feature. First off, I suppose it would be convenient to easily look up our archives as some of us enter our 4th, 5th, and 6th years of being ‘on Facebook.’ It would be very reminiscing to sift through those job changes and ‘went from being in a relationship to being single’ updates. Another convenience is having all your apps located in one central spot, which is a nice feature of the new Timeline. If you have Netflix, Spotify, or MapMyRun they’re easily accessible from your profile wall.

Negatives of Switching To Timeline

Most of us would have no problem giving the Facebook Timeline a chance if you didn’t have to basically get married to it. One of the biggest negatives of Timeline is that once you switch, you can’t go back. Another drawback is that it’s noticeably and functionally different. If you’ve creeped on somebody’s wall who has switched to Timeline, you’ll notice it’s hard to comprehend the two different columns and in which chronological order things are supposed to be in. Another thing people don’t like is that once you switch to Timeline, you only have 7 days to get acquainted with everything before it goes live. It takes some time to figure out where you change different privacy settings and your photos and information could be out there for the masses if you haven’t made the proper changes.

Like Garth Algar said in Wayne’s World, “We Fear Change” and I think that is the biggest obstacle in making the switch over to the Facebook Timeline. Like anything, it probably just takes some getting used to and after time, we won’t even remember the old Facebook Wall. After thinking about it and pondering it, I’m finally ready to go and do something bold…watch Wayne’s World 2.

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