Top Five Best Free Software For Audio Editing

With advances in technology, it’s now possible for virtually anybody to become a music and audio whiz. The features and options available in audio editing software for the home user can produce amazing results. This audio editing software seems even more incredible when it is totally free.

So what is the best audio editing software out there?

  1. Audacity

Audacity is one of the easiest to use and most functional pieces of audio editing software available for free online. Perfect for audio recording and the application of effects to audio tracks, as well as pure editing, the software is fantastic for both new users and experienced audio editors. The main strength of the software is its brilliant interface, which successfully presents all the functions you require in a completely uncluttered way. Audacity is also great to use for recording a podcast.

  1. DJ Audio Editor

If you are looking for a basic piece of free audio software, then you can’t really go wrong with DJ Audio Editor. The software is only compatible with MP3s, though as this is the most common audio format this isn’t really an issue for those with the most basic of editing needs.

  1. Power Sound Editor

Although the free version of this software is limited in terms of the type of file format you can save your edited audio as (it restricts you to .wav), it does come with a number of great features that make it a top piece of software. One of the main strengths of the program is its unique noise reduction tools. These include a handy voice breath reduction tool that can really help clean up your tracks.

  1. Wavosaur

For those looking for a mobile and compact music player, Wavosaur may just be the perfect answer to your audio editing issues. Running on most Windows operating systems and handling a huge variety of audio formats, the software contains an equally impressive number of editing tools to play around with.

It doesn’t require any installation, making it a great option for those that find themselves editing on the move, and boasts a number of features you don’t always find on larger programs.

  1. Ardour

Providing functions that allow you to record, edit and mix multi-track audio, Ardour is a great all-round package. It works brilliantly as a tool for audio experimentation, as it specialises in non-destructive editing with unlimited undo and redo capabilities and unlimited tracks, busses and plug-ins. For those that have previous experience and a good understanding of software such as ProTools, Nuendo, Pyramix, or Sequoia, this provides a fantastic free audio editing alternative.

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