Tips To Obtain A WIFI Password

This article is not about a WIFI password crack or hacking someone’s internet, it is about getting free WIFI passwords. People can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in Internet bills by finding an unsecured wireless network for their online computing needs. Unfortunately, unsecured networks may have time or data restrictions and they leave your information prone to vulnerability if your computer is not set up for optimum security. When you open up your laptop’s network connection screen, you may notice a number of secured networks in your area that are password protected. You can access these networks but only if you’ve obtained their sometimes super-secret password but sometimes people guard their networks with more brevity than they guard their firstborn children. Here are some tips for obtaining a WIFI password without stepping on too many toes.

Tips For Obtaining A WIFI Password In Public Places

Many public businesses offer free WIFI as a compliment to their customers or so that they can hook up business computers, games, jukeboxes or more to the Internet. If you plan on using the business’ Internet connection sparingly, simply ask the barkeep or service agent the password. If you see a fellow patron accessing their phone or laptop, you can walk up to them and just inquire if they happen to know the WIFI protected password as you don’t want to interrupt the flow of business. If you’ve obtained the password from a customer, the business owner is less likely to monitor your online time as they assume you’re using your own cell phone data package.

Also, public places like McDonald’s now offer WIFI access without even needing a password but they sometimes limit you to 30-minute increments. The best rule of thumb to follow is that as long as you keep spending money at the business, they’ll have no problem offering you WIFI access. Sometimes I’ve spent up to 8 hours doing online work at my local tavern on a Sunday and my $100 bar tab goes a long way in paying their Wireless Internet bill for the month.

Obtaining a WIFI password From A Neighbor

Subtlety is the best form to follow when attempting to obtain a WIFI password from a neighbor. If you open the network connections tab in the lower right corner of your computer, you’ll see a list of networks in your area and their subsequent signal strength. If you see a guest account located nearby, try and figure out which neighbor it belongs to. WIFI guest accounts are more secure for the owner and they have limitations on how much data the user can consume. It will take some intestinal fortitude to ring a neighbor’s doorbell and flat out ask them for their WIFI password so it’s better to take the approach of bringing it up as they walk their dogs or are out shoveling the snow or gardening. It’s best to offer to pony up a couple bucks and you might actually find out that your neighbor appreciates a little dent in their monthly expenditures.

Securing a WIFI password in an Apartment Complex

If you live in an apartment complex, you might have an abundance of WIFI networks available with an extremely strong signal strength. While you might not know all of your fellow tenants, you do have more access to them in the form of the front lobby or at the mail stall. The best way to try and obtain a WIFI password is to post a flier in the lobby stating you’d like to chip in $10-$15 for the use of somebody’s WIFI. You won’t come off as overbearing because it’s not like you’re going door to door and everybody has the right to refuse. You might even increase the sense of community in your building as instead of 10 tenants having 10 separate accounts everybody can chip in together for 10 tenants sharing only 5 accounts. Also, speak with your landlord and your neighbors to see if you can have one central WIFI network that everybody pays for through their monthly rent. A building with a pre-installed WIFI network makes a property much more valuable to potential renters.

If you work from home, spend 12 hours a day gaming, or need to have Internet access at any given moment, your best option is to purchase your own account and password. You can’t always depend on neighbors to pay their monthly WIFI bill and using too much of their monthly data could lead to bad blood in the community. Plus, when you take into account $100 tabs each Sunday at the local watering hole, a home WIFI connection becomes a much smarter investment. That being said, when you need an Internet connection in a jam, these tips for obtaining a WIFI password should save the day.

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