How to protect cell phone from spying and wiretapping

In recent years, among the Internet users and the mass media actively discussed the issue of intercepting SMS messages and wiretapping of telephone conversations by intelligence agencies. Of course, this measure was introduced for security purposes, but to some extent violates the rights of every citizen. That is why the Internet and forums users of smartphones Fly and other manufacturers are often asked the question, how to protect cell phone from wiretapping.

The primary methods of protecting your phone from wiretapping

The question “How to protect your phone from surveillance and wiretapping” is probably the most popular request in the search engines. To efficiently communicate by phone, send messages or browse the Internet, you need to:

  • stop giving your phone to strangers;
  • to give preference to calls on the Internet and video;
  • to use special software;
  • during a telephone conversation to listen to background sounds;
  • take out the SIM card from the phone when you want to save your location and privacy;
  • to use the phone, working in standard CDMA.

How to protect the Android phone from wiretapping: the most effective methods of protection

First, lock the screen, set a password or guest mode. This will help you prevent the damage and preserve the confidentiality of the contents of the phone. If you are a lover send SMSes, use encryption. To this end, developed special programs, the most common of which is a Secret Message.

You can find many similar applications on the Internet. It is best to visit the profile site with reviews and choose the most suitable for you

During phone conversations, try to pay attention to any background sounds. Typically, a smartphone is listening, is rapidly heated and discharged, and if the next speaker is making some unexpected noises.

The most radical method of protection from eavesdroppers is to change the communication standard. The absolute majority of mobile devices based on the GSM standard. Experienced hackers are so easy to intercept calls from these phones that even mobile operators can not always keep track of their actions. When working on the more expensive models of phones use the CDMA standard. It’s not also multifunctional smartphones and conventional handsets, which prefer to employ people in business, politicians and informed merely people.

Users panic concerned as to defend the phone from wiretapping should prefer the simplest models without the Internet, wifi and other fancy features. They are not prone to virus attacks that can intercept calls, text messages and additional information.

To protect yourself from hackers, you need to give preference to those social networks and services where during registration, please SMS confirmation. If you often sit on the Internet with your Android smartphone, start using a proxy program, like Tor and Orbot.

Before you start to understand how to protect cell phone from wiretapping, it should be understood that no method is 100% guarantee. But if you can learn to encrypt their messages, to work with a proxy, use the particular software, and follow other simple tips you will be able to keep their personal information and always stay connected.

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